Ristorante  "Da Vito"  Sennori  Sassari


We could describe a place with the understated elegance for details, from placemats to cutlery, but this is not what we want to do, especially because the Restaurant “Da Vito” demonstrates his great class with the dishes that come out of the kitchen and reach the palate of the lucky customers.

Intense flavors, aromas and details, everything can not be effectively described only in few words. Vito must its fame to unmistakable flavor of the dishes that offers its own local.

You will find seasonal dishes that are a guarantee of quality with a really genuine taste. From mushrooms to sea urchins, from artichokes to the flesh, to the game and fish of all kinds. All in the suitable period, when the flavors stand out in a more natural and determined way.

The care in the appetizers is definitely a major advantage for taste what the food in the restaurant is able to offer, as to deserve a mention on the guide “L’Espresso”.

A dinner in an environment rich in detail on the walls, the paintings exhibited up to the light and shade that take up entire walls, the restaurant proposes exhibitions of famous artists into an environmentally friendly and family atmosphere.

And this is especially emphasized the direction of the restaurant:

“The staff who works with us, the same as always, with extreme professionalism and friendliness fails at any time to better interpret the needs of each client making them feel important, giving him the opportunity to fully appreciate the culinary delights always accompanied by the excellent choice of wines .”