Ristorante  "Da Vito"  Sennori  Sassari


Sennori, a few kilometers from the city of Sassari, is located near some limestone hills that overlook the sea and the country. Its unique geographical location allows to enjoy a beautiful landscape on the shores of the entire Gulf of Asinara. The territory is rich in fertile valleys where can find olive groves, orchards, vineyards and rich stretches of the Mediterranean laurel, myrtle, arbutus and holly.

Sennori is rich in natural and cultural resources, in particular in its territory there’s different testimonies nuragic and prenuragic as the Domus de Janas of the garden of the Beneficio Parrocchiale and Nuraghe Sa Pattada, San Biagio, Chercos, Iscala de Todde and the tomb of the giants of Oridda that alternate with breathtaking views.

In the center of Sennori and neighboring suburbs there are several churches dedicated to many saints. The main church which with its facade and bell tower can be seen from every corner of the country, it is called San Basilio Magno of seventeenth-century origin but completely rebuilt in the 50s.